Reviews and testimonials for Photo Buttons, formerly known as iBaby Buttons:


“iBaby Buttons is a colorful and fun universal app that will be a huge hit with babies as well as older children.  … With lots to touch, talk about, and see, I am sure this app will be a family favorite, especially for the youngest app users.”

Bridging Apps:

“This is a cute app for a variety of ages and abilities…  We have used this app with several kids on the Autism Spectrum from age 3 – 9. We have also used it with a 8 year old with Down syndrome and a 6 year old with Apraxia. They all interacted with the app and loved it…  In speech therapy we have used the app for: language bombardment for vocabulary building, articulation drill – choose buttons with only target sounds and have child name the picture or repeat the label, let the child customize buttons – working on vocabulary, sentences, labeling, following directions and categories. This app reinforces object/word association. It teaches cause and effect and provides practice for visual discrimination. This is a simple app with many practical applications to encourage language and speech development.”

My Appinions:

“This is an adorable, colorful app your baby will love.”


“Great interactive app for very little kids. It’s very easy to use even for those very little hands.”

The iPhone Mom:

“iBaby Buttons is a simple, enchanting app aimed at babies and toddlers and it has certainly captivated my Miss J’s attention.”


“iBaby Buttons is a highly-recommended educational app for word-object and sound-object association. The popping aspect of the app is what will keep the kids coming back for more!”


“iBaby Buttons is perfect for babies who are learning word-object association. It’s colorful and educational and babies just love it!”


“iBaby Buttons is a simple, colorful game app, where babies play “peek-a-boo” with buttons that reveal images and sounds, aiding them in discovering our incredible world … Such a cute app, and easy for little ones to learn language and sounds.”


“Kris (one year and eight months old)… Where usually something fun lasts for two minutes, she kept on playing for at least twelve minutes. : a 9 (out of ten) on the scale of Fidio!”

Juf Jannie:

“This is a very fun and educational app for more than just babies…The app is colorful, fun and flexible.”

Kids Apps Mobi:

“Toddlers love interactive toys, toys that you can shake, squeeze, touch and especially bite. That interactiveness it’s a must in order to keep them busy and happy.  iBaby Buttons is an iPhone / iPad app that offers toddlers exactly this kind of experience. Except the biting one. Yet.”