Pre-K Pages:

“Imagine all the benefits of a felt board without having to worry about the pieces getting dirty or lost. What if you never had to search through all of your “teaching stuff” to find a particular felt board story again? What if your students could have access to all of your felt board stories all the time? The Felt Board app offers all this and much more. Novelties aside, the biggest benefits the Felt Board app offers to young learners is open-ended exploration and creativity- a rare gem in a sea of fool’s gold. The simplicity and ease of use are refreshing.”

Teachers With Apps:

“Have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I would like this concept in the new digital format. Turns out, this app is spectacular! Unlike traditional felt boards, this digital version offers many opportunities for customization due to it’s large selection of characters, props and backgrounds. Every felt board “set” ever is included in one app! Having all conceivable options covered, this app excels at fostering creativity, promotes storytelling, and brings imaginative play back to the forefront as its main purpose. With all that going for it, Felt board is a must have for any iPad being used by the younger set.”


“Felt Board for iPad uses life-like felt cut-outs to encourage storytelling without all the mess. Drag and drop people, clothing and objects to create a tale of your own. We love the open-ended nature of the app with plenty of backgrounds and pieces to keep your child engaged. An excellent app for sharing stories both in the classroom and at home!”

Childcareland (video review):

“One of my favorite apps for early learning. There are so many things you can do with this digital felt board.”

iHeart This App:

“I love all of the choices in this app. My 4 year old spent almost 10 minutes creating 2 people complete with hair, facial expressions, clothing, shoes, and accessories of all kinds including glasses, hats, umbrellas, wands and more.”


“Upon entering this application, users will immediately get a craft like feeling as every aspect of this educational app is created with felt. Use your fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to develop amazing stories as you tap, drag, drop, pinch and zoom pieces into a scene. Felt Board for iPad is a very user friendly application for children young and old. It is an application that encourages all learning styles as children can work collaboratively or independently… When projected on a large screen in small or large groups, children can verbalize their stories to classmates, parents or educators. Regardless of who creates the stories, this form of storytelling encourages further discussions on the elements of a story: characters, setting, plot and such. In addition, developers also encourage users to create stories that include letters and numbers. For example, users can spell and place their name on scenes created. If working on a “letter of the week” tell a story centered around that letter. An alternative option would be as children understand numbers, tell a number story. Your child or student(s) story becomes a visual story problem to reinforce appropriate grade level operations.”

Apps 4 Moms:

“Felt Board is an excellent app to share with your loved ones; it enhances creativity, storytelling, and imaginative play. It is one app that will definitely entertain you and your kids again and again, and is well worth it’s small price tag.”

Storytiming Flannel Friday:

“The sky’s the limit with this brilliant app. It’s easy to use, and populated with all the building blocks to make ton of storytime standards/favorites.”

On Sarah’s iPad:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.38.23 AM“This app is simply so much fun, it is hard to believe it is educational.  My children still love playing with their “real” felts, but this app is now a favourite and has been particularly handy when travelling.  We are not alone, as everyone we have shown this app to has fallen in love with it.  Even if you don’t have children, this is a very appealing app.   I have  been revisiting my childhood, having so much fun creating scenes with the felt shapes.  This app is suitable for all ages and is an app that will “grow” with your children.    I challenge anyone not to fall in love with it.”

Smart Apps for Kids

“Felt Bord is a boundless creative app that allows for story, language, creativity and learning to happen all at your child’s fingertips.”

iPad App Reviews by Gill Robins:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.10.47 AM“For anyone who remembers Fuzzy Felts, this app is an absolute must.  It works in the same way fuzzy felts used to – create your own characters, dress them and design the scenery from a plethora of little felt shapes – the only limit is your imagination… The app promises many hours of immersive and independent play.”


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.27.49 AM“Felt Board for iPad is exactly what you think it is:  a digital play space with countless backgrounds, colorful figures, clothing, animals, spacesuits, and magic wands.  Felt Board brings back “no batteries” style play, making the iPad a device for creating an endless number of different tableaux.”

Giggle Apps:

“Felt Board is a lovely app for iPad, a charming simulated rendition of a traditional felt board… I recommend this app to anyone interested in art or craft applications. The selection of felt pieces is wonderful and I enjoy being able to change backgrounds under the other pieces already laid down, something that could never be accomplished with such ease on a traditional board. I can imagine not only a great activity for children, but also in aiding the storytelling for all ages. For these reasons and more, I recommend this app.”

The iPhone Mom:

“LOVE, love, love this app from Software Smoothie! Felt Board puts a Felt Board on your iPad. All the fun of felt board sets without countless pieces to keep track of. I am really liking this app and so is my youngest Miss J.”

The iMum:

“This app doesn’t feel Hi-Tec at all and that is it’s beauty – its very open ended, creative play where kids (and adults!) can just use their imagination. I can see all sorts of uses for this app -it is great  for fine motor practice, imaginary play, as a stimulus speech practice and for storytelling, but above all it is fun and creative.”


“Use the app to create characters and stories, which furthers a child’s imagination and artistic play.  Use the facial expressions to demonstrate emotions to a child and allow your child to describe what is going on in the picture or how a particular character feels (this use of the Felt Board app is particularly helpful for children with  autism).” (Spain):

“Muy entretenido y bien hecho… Es la típica aplicación sencilla que los niños utilizan mucho porque tiene muchas posibilidades, pueden crear sus propios juegos, historias, pero también aprender a contar o las letras (con un poco de ayuda por vuestra parte).”

“Very entertaining and well done…  This is a typical simple application that children use much because it has many possibilities, can create their own games, stories, but also learn to count or letters (with a little help from you).”

Four Monkeys 4 Me App Reviews:

“Little kids and big kids a like will love this app (heck, I know an adult or two who will just love this too!) Use it to teach feelings and emotions, tell stories, use it to create social stories, recreate fairy tales and help story comprehension, or just have some fun.”

Seven Yuck Mouths and Autism:

“I was truly amazed at the in-depth customization you can get into with it. I played for hours myself! Then of course the kids wanted to know what mommy was doing and I haven’t seen the iPad since!”

Somewhere Over the Spectrum:

“This app has a variety of benefits for children with Special Needs. It works on imaginative play as well as fine motor skills. Overall, Felt Board is an amazing app that is well worth the money.”

Pappas Appar (Sweden):

“Överlag är det här en väldigt bra och barnvänlig app som jag verkligen vill rekommendera. Den passar bra för barn mellan 3 och 6 år. Betyg: blir 4 av 5.”

“Overall, this is a very good and child-friendly app that I really want to recommend. It is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years. Rating: gets 4 of 5.”

Best Apps for Kids:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.46.47 AM“Felt Board is a wonderfully crafty app with various backgrounds, felt dolls, and a variety of other felt accessories that allow children to use their imaginations to create fun and imaginative illustrations that can be shared. Without worrying about the mess of cutting pieces of felt and messy glue, parents can allow their children to have just as much (if not more) fun with this virtual craft app.”


“Felt Board is a lovely app for iPad, a charming simulated rendition of a traditional felt board…The application is intuitive to use with an abundance of elements to choose from that felt boards in real life would be hard-pressed to include… Parents andScreen Shot 2013-08-31 at 8.46.13 PM teachers of special education children will especially appreciate the different expressions among the face choices, such as the placement or shape of the eyebrows and mouth, teaching about these emotional cues along the way…For these reasons and more I recommend this app.”

Learn With Leah

“This would be an awesome center activity.  You could have the students make a picture and then write or tell a story to go along.  I did this activity with first graders adn they LOVED it.   Worth every single penny spent.”


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.57.26 AM“Felt Board can be used by adults and children alike:  adults can use it as a teaching aid, as a resource for telling stories, or just for fun, while the kids can use it for creative play…  The interface is very intuitive, so even really young children can play without explanation… I downloaded this app to try it out and my four year old daughter immediately asked me what it was, watched me play for a minute, then took over my iPad in order to play with it.  I give it two thumbs up.”