Recycling Workshop

Design and Create Toys from Recycled Materials

Open the door to creativity! Unleash Your Imagination!
Check out the newest amazing creative app from Software Smoothie – the maker of popular and appreciated creative apps like Puppet Workshop, Imagination Box, and Cute Food.

Your child doesn’t need expensive or complicated toys! We know it. Bottles, toilet paper roll and other throwaways can be used for endless creations.
Choose a bottle, carton or can which will become a virtual recycled toy. Create the eyes, nose, mouth, hair or horns, hands or wings using a variety of paper items, buttons, straws, ornaments, etc. Paint the toys and place them on the background available in the app or upload your own background from camera roll on your iPad.

Do you like this game? Easy as 1-2-3 – use any trash and items that you can find at home and create your own recycled toys. It’s a creative fun for a whole family.