Photo Buttons, a customizable cause and effect app

Play and explore together with your child as you make your own buttons using photos and sound recordings

5.0 stars on App Store

Photo Buttons, a customizable cause and effect appApp Store5.0

An app for tiny fingers and curious minds

Photo Buttons is a fun and colorful cause and effect app that can be customized. While it is designed for young children to explore with their parents, it can be used for anyone who would benefit from object-word association, cause and effect, speech and visual discrimination practice.


If you have questions, visit the FAQ section on our support page.  Email support is also available.

Now available in Dutch with beautiful voiceovers by Juf Jannie.

What reviewers are saying about Photo Buttons

“…A  colorful and fun universal app that will be a huge hit with babies as well as older children. … With lots to touch, talk about and see, I am sure this app will be a family favorite, especially for the youngest app users.”

-Giggle Apps

“(Photo) Buttons is perfect for babies who are learning about word-object association. It’s colorful and educational and babies just love it!” -AppAdvice

“This is a cute app for a variety of ages and abilities… We have used this app with several kids on the Autism spectrum from age 3-9. We have also used it with an 8 year old with Down Syndrome and a 6 year old with Apraxia. They all interacted with the app and loved it.” -Bridging Apps

“(Photo) Buttons is a highly recommended educational app for word-object and sound-object association. The popping aspect of the app is what will keep the kids coming back for more!” -iHeartThisApp

“(Photo) Buttons is a simple, enchanting app aimed at babies and toddlers and it has certainly captivated my Miss J’s attention.” -The iPhone Mom

For more reviews, visit our Photo Buttons reviews page.

I use this app to help my baby learn faces and names of family and friends who live far away. I’ve customized buttons with each person’s picture, so when she taps the picture, she hears my voice say the person’s name aloud. PERFECT! I love that I can disable all the standard buttons for when I want her to concentrate on names and faces, or enable them when I want her to learn other things.

Overseas Momma

My daughter does not have the hand dexterity to use a lot of apps purposefully, but this app is great. she slaps at it and it provides her with nice cause and effect. she LOVES this app.