Felt Board

Design scenes, dress up characters and let your imagination soar as you create your own stories with Felt Board.

4.5 stars on App Store

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Voted Best Kids Toy App in the Best App Ever Awards 2012

2012_winner best app ever

Felt Board for the iPad is inspired by actual felt boards used by children, teachers and storytellers worldwide.  Create characters by selecting skin color, hair and facial features.  Choose from a wide variety of costumes, settings and props for hours of magical make believe play.   And because it’s a digital felt board, the pieces never get lost!  Felt Board app is perfect for play time, story time or anytime!

Felt Board is a Mom’s Choice Gold award winner!

Featured by Apple in Best Apps for Ages 6-8, Kids What’s Hot, Create & Play, and Education / Preschool Reading & Telling Stories  – November, 2013

Check out Felt Board in Action!

Felt Board brings all of the fun and learning of a traditional felt or flannel board right to your iPad. To begin, choose a background and then tap an item to send it to the playing area.
Clothes automatically scale to fit the people. Once in place, clothes lock down automatically so you can move people around the board. Tap the person to unlock and reposition the layers. You can scale and rotate items with your fingers. Delete unwanted items quickly and easily by tapping the trash (recycle) icon and then tapping each item you want to delete. Use the camera icon to send your Felt Board masterpiece to the photo library. This feature can be turned off in your device privacy / photo settings. A gallery lets you edit and re-use Felt Board creations. View more Felt Board video reviews here.

Learning Has Never Been So Much Fun!

Whether it is used by children as a creative play set, or by adults as a storytelling resource and teaching aid, Felt Board offers a variety of benefits for children including:

  • Simple user interface that allows independent exploration
  • Wide selection of characters and settings to encourage creativity and imaginative play
  • Shapes, letters and numbers are included as an educational resource
  • Includes felt pieces for popular nursery and preschool stories, rhymes and songs
  • Develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills while dragging, placing, and pinching objects to scale

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Let Your Imagination Soar…

We believe that imaginative play in childhood plays a key role in developing future problem solvers and creative thinkers.  Felt Board app for the iPad has been carefully designed to encourage open-ended creative play.  Children mix and match felt pieces to create characters and interact with them in a variety of settings.   Like a traditional felt board, the app includes no animation and only limited sound effects so that all of the real imaginative work is happening in the mind of the child.  Felt Board includes no ads, external links or in-app purchase so that children are better able to focus on quiet, focused and deliberate play.

What reviewers are saying about Felt Board

“One of my favorite apps for early learning.”  – Childcareland

“The kindergarten teacher in me is doing cartwheels and flips over my latest app find:  Felt Board by Software Smoothie.”  – The Orange County Register, OC Moms

“We love the open-ended nature of this app with plenty of backgrounds to keep your child engaged.”  –Kindertown

“The sky’s the limit with this brilliant app.”  – Storytiming Flannel Friday

“A rare gem in a sea of fool’s gold…” – Pre-K Pages

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2012_winner best app ever




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I love this app! It is easy to use but still a challenge. I am an OT in the schools. This is great for eye-hand coordination, fine motor in general as well as a great way to work on following directions. Love it!!!!

Janet OT

I loved the variety of scenes/backgrounds that children can work with to create their stories. I also liked the diversity in the characters that can be dressed, played with, etc. Also there are many more categories in this app compare to other scene making apps. This is a great app and unlike any other of its kind. I love the app as both a parent and a teacher. My son (2) was able to easily make scenes to tell stories. I was also able to re-create scenes from stories to retell to my students. This is a great app and makes a great alternative to a traditional felt board.


Great Teaching Tool – This app is so creative and fun. My students are non-verbal or have very low expressive speech and language skills.  Felt Board allows us to create stories, pictures, or scenes that we can connect to literature or experiences.  I’ve found it to be a great way to build vocabulary or elicit expressive speech and language.  I even made a class book using print outs of my students’ creations.  There are so many ways to use this app other than to just make pictures:  storytelling, cause/effect, fine motor, speech/language, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, spelling, etc.  While one student may only be working on choosing colors, another may be using it as a fun way to practice spelling words.  This is an app that lets children use their imagination.


FANTASTIC!  If you’re only given one choice to download a creativity app, GET THIS ONE!  It is creativity at its best!  Great user interface, very easy to navigate, amazing graphics!   LOVE it!